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The Canada's Cup is a silver trophy, deeded in perpetuity to be awarded to the winner of a series of match races between a yacht representing a Canadian yacht club and one representing an American club, both to be located on the Great Lakes.

Until 2001, the Cup matches were a test of the challenger's and the defender's abilities to design and build a yacht to the prevailing measurement rule, and to sail that yacht to victory. Since 2001, Cup challenges have been sailed in Farr 40 one-design yachts, so the competition is centered on match-racing skills.

The Cup is a unique trophy, approximately 30 cm (12 inches) high excluding base, made by Tiffany & Co. specifically for a cross-border sailing competition in 1896, and is an engraved bowl, gilt inside, whose richly embellished supporting pedestal depicts a lion and an eagle.

More information is available in this Wikipedia entry.



The NYYC Invitational Cup is a unique trophy commissioned by the NYYC to be awarded to the winner of a race series to be held every second year. Competition is among a fleet of rigidly one-design NYYC 42 yachts, sailed by a Corinthian (amateur) crew who must be members of the club they represent and nationals of the club's home country.

The first running of the competition in 2009, with 19 competitor crews from around the world, was won by the NYYC crew with the RCYC crew skippered by Terry McLaughlin second and the Japan Sailing Federation crew third. In 2011, the RCYC crew skippered by Terry McLaughlin prevailed, with the NYYC crew second and Annapolis Yacht Club third. The RCYC crew, again led by Terry McLaughlin, successfully defended its title, with Larchmont Yacht Club in second and the Royal Thames in third. In 2015, competition was much closer (8 of 17 boats scored firsts, neither of the first or second overall boats achieved this) and RCYC, ending at tenth overall, saw the Royal Thames, New York and Eastern Yacht Clubs take the top spots.

For these four competitions, the RCYC crew sailed Daring, provided by RCYC Member John Hele. A half-model of Daring is displayed in the Crown & Beaver bar.