The Royal Canadian Yacht Club was founded in Toronto in 1852 to serve both as a recreational yachting club and, in the British tradition, as an unofficial auxiliary of the Royal Navy in the defence of the waters of Lake Ontario. 

The Club was established under the name the Toronto Boat Club, but in 1854 with a warrant from Queen Victoria, became the Royal Canadian Yacht Club.

The Club’s first homes were on the city shore, but increasing industrialization of the waterfront drove the Club to the Islands in 1881. The first Island Clubhouse was destroyed by fire in 1904. Its successor, officially opened in 1906, suffered the same fate: it too was irreparably damaged by fire in 1918. In 1919, Edward, Prince of Wales, laid the cornerstone for the gracious two-story Southern-style Clubhouse that has been the RCYC's summer home ever since.
Today, we are one of Canada’s premier sailing and social clubs, with an emphasis on family participation, the development of our junior sailors, and a Corinthian attitude toward excellence in sailing. Since the merger of the Carlton Club with the RCYC, the Club has operated year round from two facilities: our summer home at the Island Clubhouse and our racquets- and fitness-oriented City Clubhouse in downtown Toronto.