Day One Reactions

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Day One Reactions

There was more breeze than either teams were used to; especially Zing, who had been practicing in much less wind during their training. Luckily, Defiant Skipper Terry McLaughlin loves this kind of wind, so that could have been a reason for the 3 - 0 sweep that Defiant took over Zing


Here are some of the team’s reactions:


Lance Fraser


(Shoeless) Mariah Millen and Ingrid Merry 


John Millen 


Andrew Kenny - youth sailor 


And last but not least - Skipper Terry McLaughlin


The team looked sharp in their red jackets, and this is them on their way back in. 


We live streamed the races from @TeamRCYC Instagram page, so be sure to follow along, or check out what we posted to see all the nail biting footage. 

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