The Cornerstone Project Update: May 15th

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The Cornerstone Project Update: May 15th

City Clubhouse 

Work Underway (started May 16):
  • Staff Change Rooms are being renovated for Member use during the Member Locker Room renovations.
  • Day lockers will be installed for both men and women, and each area has a shower stall for use.  
  • The wet areas will be refinished and updated to address the aging infrastructure.
  • 1st week of June: The demolition work in the Member locker areas as well as the Dining Room area will begin.

Impact to Members:
  • There will be some noise as we remove old tile.
  • Some Members have asked why we are addressing these areas at the same time: 
    • By performing the work concurrently, we will be able to perform all of the work efficiently and without disrupting additional occupied space. 
    • The behind-the-scenes infrastructure for each floor of the Ladies Locker Room is in the ceiling space below.
    • There is a cost-advantage to mobilizing workforces once for the space.
  • The goal is that the City work is complete by Thanksgiving.

Island Clubhouse

Work underway:
A reminder that the physical work on the Island will not start until the fall, but some preparatory work will occur throughout the summer.
Impact to Members:
We expect materials to start to arrive on the island in September.  There will be areas utilized to store the materials and keep them safe, but this should not affect Member use of the facility.
Colin Flock
Project Manager
The Cornerstone Project
Posted: 5/15/2017 4:12:03 PM by Colin Flock

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RCYC is embarking on The Cornerstone Project to restore, improve and build upon the amenities and services the Club currently provides and will continue to provide to all Members and their families for years to come.

Cornerstone Project renovations began shortly after the project was approved by RCYC's Membership at the 2017 Annual General Meeting. ​

As Cornerstone Project renovations proceed, updates will be provided on the work underway, and the impact to Members twice per month.
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