Royal Canadian Yacht Club is one of the oldest yacht clubs in the world, with a long history of achievement in international competition as well as national and local sailing. The RCYC’s dedication to encouraging proficiency in sailing excellence and competitive racing is clearly reflected in its Youth Sailing Program. The Junior Club, since its inception in 1926, has produced international champions, skilled yachtsmen and yachtswomen.

There are many benefits of the RCYC program. Long-lasting friendships develop over the years as young sailors spend their summer days discovering life on the water. Participants also take organized trips to sailing clubs across Canada and the United States.

All members of RCYC Youth Sailing program have the opportunity to experience the sport of sailing in a safe, fun-filled and challenging environment. While competitive excellence in sailing is recognized and
encouraged, the fundamental objective of the program remains – to introduce you to the great sport of sailing!

Objectives of the Junior Club
  • To promote a lifelong love of sailing at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club
  • To promote Club objectives within the Junior Club programs
  •  To provide knowledge of Club history and tradition
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Message from the Youth Committee Chair


As Chair of the Youth Committee, I would like to welcome everyone back, and to extend a special greeting to our new participants for the 2015 season. 

The youth sailing programs of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club have always formed a special institution within our club’s fabric. The RCYC junior sailing has developed excellence to the level of World Champions and Olympians, Canada’s Cuppers, America’s Cuppers -and most importantly, it has developed lifelong sailors. These are sailors who embrace the community and demonstrate a passion for our wonderful sport, who gain the respect of fellow competitors and yachtspersons from around the world. ‎From a young sailor’s first experience in an Optimist, first start at CORK, and eventual graduation into the Senior RCYC Membership, the sailing program at the RCYC reflects the best of Canadian sailing. The Junior Club represents our future.

Please use this book to its full potential, as it outlines the complete opportunity that is available to the youth of the RCYC in our extensive program offering. The information provided will outline what expectations the members and guests might hold of the club, and the clubs expectations of the participants and
parents. Exploring the pages thoroughly will give you an opportunity to prepare for your program, and seek out new and exciting activities.

Throughout the year, we will always welcome feedback to encourage our program to grow, develop and provide the level of excellence associated with the junior sailing program at the RCYC. Please extend courteous feedback to any of our professional staff, and they will do their best to accommodate.

As we plan for our season of activities, I eagerly anticipate the sight of our fleet on the water, and our next generation of skippers and crews building lasting friendships through sailing. 

Drew Sutherland
Youth Sailing Committee Chairman

Youth Program Rules & Regulations

1. Youth program participants under the age of 10 who take RCYC launches to and from the Island are required to wear a Department of Transportation approved PFD while on the launch.

2. All youth program participants are expected to uphold the dress regulations on RCYC launches. The minimum dress requirement for gentlemen is smart casual e.g. shirt with a collar and sleeves; long trousers or walking shorts. The minimum requirement for ladies is a dress, skirt, slacks or walking shorts with a blouse, sweater or tunic. No jeans, non-dress shorts, cut-offs, tanks or bathing suits are allowed. The dress code will be strictly enforced for children between the ages of 10 and 16. It is the responsibility of the youth program participants and parents to ensure that the proper dress code is followed. Children 9 and under should wear neat and clean casual clothes.

3. Members wishing to leave the Club early, arrive late, or stay on the Island beyond their child’s regularly scheduled youth program hours must present a permission note from the parent or guardian to their respective RCYC youth program or Junior Club staff. The Youth Program and Junior Club instructors are not responsible for members leaving without permission or those remaining on the Island after program hours.

4. Youth Program members are responsible for the care and upkeep of their equipment to the best of their abilities. Please do not bring any unnecessary items of significant personal value to Youth Programs. RCYC is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

5. We are a Nut-Aware club. Nut products are no longer permitted at any of our Youth Programs. Please help us maintain Nut-Aware programs by keeping all nut products away from the property. please read all labels. Serious allergic reactions can happen when foods labeled “may contain” or “traces of” are brought on site.

6. For privacy and security reasons we ask that no photos or video be taken on RCYC Junior Club grounds without permission of RCYC staff members.

• Cell phones should remain in lockers provided to all Junior Club participants
• RCYC does not take responsibility for lost or stolen phones

RCYC Youth Programs Conditions of Enrolment

1. Registration is considered complete once RCYC has received a medical and contact form, signed code of conduct and program registration form. These forms are all located in the Youth Programs Book and are available online at www.rcyc.ca (Code of conduct applies only to participants ages 10 and up).

2. Participants must have reached the minimum age required for a specific program prior to the program’s commencement. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

3. Membership accounts will be billed in the month prior to the program (i.e. if registration is for a program in July, your membership account will be billed in June).

4. Please note that RCYC members have priority for Junior Club registration until February 28th.

5. Program fees are based on enrolment and cannot be pro-rated if a participant elects to partially attend a given session or program.

6. Program change requests made after initial enrolment will be carried out based on availability of space and cannot be guaranteed.

7. RCYC Youth Programs reserve the right to terminate the continuation of any participant if it is determined that this is in the best interest of the participant and/or program. In such an event, it is understood that a pro-rated refund will be applied to the Member’s account.

8. Race Team Parents/Guardians will assist with chaperoning the team at away events.

Youth Program Cancellation Policies

1. All requests for refunds must be submitted in writing. Please enclose any relevant medical documentation at the time of submission.

2. If cancellation of enrolment occurs more than two weeks prior to the program’s commencement, then *100% of the program fees charged will be refunded.

3. If cancellation of enrolment occurs within the two weeks prior to the program’s commencement, then of *50% of the program fees charged will be refunded.

4. Any requests for refunds based on withdrawal or cancellation after a program has begun must be submitted for consideration no later than the last business day in August.

5. NON-MEMBERS: A non-refundable $50 cancellation fee is applicable to all program withdrawals.

Contact Information

Mike Milner, Director of Sailing & Sports mike.milner@rcyc.ca 416.934.4430    
Jonathan Fredrick, Sailing Coordinator sailing@rcyc.ca 416.934.4435 416.967.7245 ex. 213 416.967.724 5 ex. 516
Dan Cunningham, RCYC Head Coach dan.cunningham@rcyc.ca 416.934.4431 416.967.7245 ex. 559 416.967.7245 ex. 559
Junior Club Office/Head Instructor juniorclub@rcyc.ca 416.934.4432   416.967.7245 ex. 563
Chris Watters, RCYC Singlehanded Coach chris.watters@rcyc.ca   416.967.7245 416.967.7245 ex. 594
Taylor Fawcett, Racquets Director taylor.fawcett@rcyc.ca   416.934.4424 416.934.4437
Jeff Lurie, Assistant Pro racquets@rcyc.ca   416.934.4426 416.934.4437
Agnes Kuczalska, Sports Coordinator sports@rcyc.ca   416.967.7245 ex. 255  
Island Pool Supervisor/Pool Office       416.967.7245 ex. 534
Liliana Martins, RECE, Child Care Supervisor childcare@rcyc.ca   416.934.4421 416.967.7245 ex. 565
Greg Deschamps, Pro Shop Supervisor proshop@rcyc.ca   416.934.4424 416.934.4437