What is the RCYC CSS?

Who We Are

The RCYC Cruising Sailors Squadron represents approximately 400 members of the RCYC with a primary objective to create a program of information and activities for cruising sailors. The activities focus on creating a collegial atmosphere for new and experienced cruisers to share advice, guidance and experience between CSS members and their families.

How to Join the CSS

Submit a completed CSS Membership Application Form.

Cruising Sailor's Squadron Executive 2016

CSS Captain
Membership Officer/Roster
Cruise Officer/LOCCA Representative
Assistant Cruise Officer
Seminar Series Coordinator
Spring Dinner/AGM Dinner
Safety and Youth
Kwasind Coordinator
Members at Large
  Donald Short
Peggy McFarland
Wendy Anderson
Amy White
Jamie Oestreicher
Mark van Graft
Cathie Macdonald
Cheryl Walter 
Jane Kierans
Amanda Balasubramanian
Cathie Macdonald
Kathrine Moran
Alyssa Van Graft

The Executive strives to make cruising both fun and accessible. Volunteers are always welcome! GET INVOLVED!

CSS Activities

Cruising Sailors' Squadron Speaker Series 2016

The Cruising Sailors Squadron invites you to hear fellow members share their cruising adventures in far-away places and what they learned along the way. Bring your questions and take part in the discussions. 

The talks will all begin at 7:30 pm and take place in the City Clubhouse Dining Room. If you can join us for dinner before the talk, please enquire about the Prix Fixe special and reserve a 6:00 pm spot at the Cruising Sailors Squadron table on-line or with Reception at 416.967.7245.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bill and Trish Brennan – Cruising Toronto to Florida via the Intracoastal Waterway

On August 24, 2014 The Brennan’s - Trish, Kelly and Bill along with their dogs Bella and Lexie - headed out on an adventure which would take them to Pumpkin Key, 30 nautical miles south of Miami and back. While they had some unexpected adventures, the talk will focus on just how easy it is to “sail” to Florida, although most of the 3,926 Nautical Miles were accomplished under motor rather than sail. Come and learn how you can have your own trip of a lifetime.  

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Willi and Shirley Powell – Cruising the North: The Baltics, Scotland, Ireland, the Arctic and Alaska

There is nothing like a little bit of jet lag and a 36-hour passage to get you in the mood for a couple weeks at sea… and having friends abroad with outstanding adventure boats. From 2012 to 2015, Shirley and Willi cruised three summers in the North with friends and their boats! Find out about their many adventures, fabulous scenery, trying to keep warm, and what they learned along the way. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Amanda and Cate Balasubramanian – Cruising to the Caribbean: parent and kid’s perspectives on a year-long cruise

In July 2013, Peter and Amanda Balasubramanian, along with their two kids, Cate and Annalise, took a year off to sail from Toronto to the Caribbean aboard Unknown Island. This talk will focus on the wonders and challenges of cruising together as a family and will include the perspective of the kids – informative for the whole family!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Successful Anchoring This Summer

Get ready to enjoy staying put on the hook! Peter Balasubramanian will moderate a discussion on the steps to successful anchoring by a panel of Gordon Crowe, Mike Newbury, Sean O’Brien and  Margaret Whitfield. Ask your questions and join the discussion about what works and the pleasures of being at anchor. Share your experiences and adventures. Then come out for a local anchoring event this summer! Details to follow.

CSS Cruises Summer 2016 






  Highland Yacht Club
Shakedown cruise...close yet different.
May 28/29    
  Port Credit Yacht Club
June 18/19      
(Run by offshore racers)...a taste of the USA.
June 25/26      
  Royal Hamilton Yacht Club
Great fireworks and a developing arts district.
July 1 - 3  

  Rendezvous at Sackets Harbor, USA
Revisiting after 2012, great restaurants and history, and a great harbor.
July 30 - Aug 1     
  Wilson New York (TYC)
Great restaurants and fantastic dancing at the marina’s restaurant.
Aug 13/14    
  Long Weekend Oakville Yacht Club
Shopping, pool, restaurants.
Sept 3-5    
Come and participate! Watch for registration in May.


Photo: Mike and Louisa Newbury


Reminders for Cruising




CSS Photography Award

Initiated in 2004 for the best photograph depicting the cruising life and taken during a cruising event over the previous season, with winners to be announced at the Annual Dinner in May. If you have potentially winning shots from this past season, on land or water, please send them via email to or leave them at Reception addressed to “CSS”. Watch for the submission date in September. 

The RCYC Cruising Cup

“In 1924, the RCYC donated a cup to be known as the RCYC Cruising Cup. A note written in 1979, indicates that since 1955 the RCYC Cruising Cup seems to have been confused with the Smith Cruising Cup (presented by R.A. Smith in 1931). The Smith Cruising Cup was stated as being awarded since 1955 to the yachtsman cruising the greatest distance in any year (currently limited to Lake Ontario) but the cup actually presented and engraved was the RCYC Cruising Cup. The Smith Cruising Cup does not appear to be in the Club.” (Annals of The Royal Canadian Yacht Club Vol. III p. 451) “..The RCYC Cruising Cup – Awarded each year to the yacht sailing the greatest distance each calendar year on Lake Ontario. The rules are: The yacht must be owned by a member of the CSS throughout the year and a log must be maintained, recording the actual distances each trip (not just the distance port-to-port). Full particulars must be entered and certified by the owner or skipper.”(Kwasind July 2003, p. 14) Watch for the submission date in September.