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RCYC Float Plan

Introduction to the RCYC CSS

The RCYC Cruising Sailors Squadron represents approximately 400 members of the RCYC with a primary objective to create a program of information and activities for cruising sailors. The activities focus on creating a collegial atmosphere for new and experienced cruisers to share advice, guidance and experience between CSS members and their families.
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CSS is looking for new Members to join the CSS Executive. CSS is dedicated to promoting camaraderie, safe cruising and FUN with a primary objective to create a program of information and activities for cruising sailors and their families. Join the 2015 Executive and help plan the 2015 program of seminars, cruises and get-togethers. Contact Wendy Anderson by email: or phone: 416.824.6208.


2015 Events and Cruises






  Spring Dinner - Pan Am Jam
May 9    
  Etobicoke Yacht Club
May 30/31      
  Spring BBQ and Frog Race
June 6      
  Ashbridge's Bay Yacht Club
June 13/14  

  Terry O'Connell Destination Rally to Youngstown Yacht Club RCYC Offshoe Sailing and CSS *Register online with ROS*
June 27/28      
  Dalhousie Yacht Club
July 3/4/5    
  Progressive Cruise Pan Am Timeframe *Dates and Route TBD **If interested please email:
July 4/20    
  Rendezvous - Trident Yacht Club
Aug 1/2/3    
  Oakville Yacht Squadron
Aug 22/23

  Fifty Point
Sept 5/6/7    
  AGM and Awards Dinner Oct 28    

Other Events & Cruises of Interest

  Easter Seals Regatta Aug 16    
  * Snug Island lockdown dates July 7 - 20.      


Photo: Mike and Louisa Newbury

CSS Call for Photo Submissions and Log

This is just a reminder to submit photographs (limit of 5) and your log for consideration for the CSS Photograph Award and The RCYC Cruising Cup by September 14, 2015. 
As well, if you know of a CSS member that has done something exceptional for the CSS or took an exceptional cruise please submit his or her name with brief reasons for your submission. 
  Logs, photographs and submissions may be left with Reception addressed to "CSS " or emailed to  "". 

CSS Executive

CSS Photography Award

Initiated in 2004 (Kwasind, May 2004, p. 11), for the best photograph depicting the cruising life and taken during a cruising event over the previous season.

“Cruisers normally aren’t competitive but we do plan to initiate a photography contest with winners to be announced at the Annual Dinner in May. If you have potentially winning shots from this past season, on land or water, please send them via email or drop them in at reception…The New Year Brunch and Pat-Your-Boat-Day should provide lots of inspiration for that winning shot.” (Kwasind, December 2003, p. 12)

The RCYC Cruising Cup

“In 1924, the RCYC donated a cup to be known as the RCYC Cruising Cup. A note written in 1979, indicates that since 1955 the RCYC Cruising Cup seems to have been confused with the Smith Cruising Cup (presented by R.A. Smith in 1931). The Smith Cruising Cup was stated as being awarded since 1955 to the yachtsman cruising the greatest distance in any year (currently limited to Lake Ontario) but the cup actually presented and engraved was the RCYC Cruising Cup. The Smith Cruising Cup does not appear to be in the Club.” (Annals of The Royal Canadian Yacht Club Vol. III p. 451)

“..The RCYC Cruising Cup – Awarded each year to the yacht sailing the greatest distance each calendar year on Lake Ontario. The rules are: The yacht must be owned by a member of the CSS throughout the year and a log must be maintained, recording the actual distances each trip (not just the distance port-to-port). Full particulars must be entered
and certified by the owner or skipper.”(Kwasind July 2003, p. 14)

Cruising Sailor's Squadron Executive 2015

CSS Captain   Carol Nickle
Rear CSS Captain   Joan Brennan
Treasurer   Wendy Anderson
Secretary/Records   Peggy McFarland
Membership Development
Officer/ Roster / Calendar
  Jane Kierans
Cruise Officer /
LOCCA Representative
  Jamie Oestreicher
Rendezvous Cruise Officer   Spencer Higgins
Day Cruise Officer   Geoff Cornish
Seminar Coordinator   Barbara Ross
Kwasind Coordinators   Carol Nickle / Wendy Anderson
Members at Large   Rhonda Lachman
Kathrine Moran
Don Short
The Executive strives to make cruising both fun and accessible; Volunteers are always welcome!

Entering the USA by boat

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security requires anyone entering the U.S.A. by land or sea to carry one of these identification documents:

• Passport.

• NEXUS Card: NEXUS is a joint program between the Canada Border Services Agency and U.S. Customs and Border Protection. It allows frequent travelers between Canada and the U.S. the opportunity to clear the border faster. In the marine mode, boaters can call a Telephone Reporting Centre (TRC) 30 minutes (minimum) and 4 hours (maximum) prior to arrival. Everyone in the boat must be a NEXUS holder, otherwise regular reporting procedures must be followed.

• FAST Card (Free and Secure Trade).

• EDL Card (Enhances Driver’s License).

• EIC Card (Enhanced Identification Card).

Customs Decal for large boats or longer cruises

If your boat is over 30 feet (9.14 metres) or you wish to stay in the U.S. longer than 72 hours, you must buy a customs decal (about $25 U.S.) each year and display it on the outside of the boat.

Cruising Permit

A Cruising Permit allows foreign boats to cruise in the U.S. for a year, after which you must leave U.S. coastal waters and enter another country.

Have the following ready on your arrival:

• Boat registration, ownership documentation or licence number.

• Vessel name.

• Vessel length.

• Customs decal number for vessels 30+ feet.

• For each person on board:

Name & date of birth; Passport, NEXUS, Fast card, EDL/EIC, or Secure Certificate of Indian Status.

• Dinghy license and papers.

• Value of any declarable merchandise.

• U.S. marina/club at which you arrived or will be arriving.

• Any other documentation you think may be required (e.g. Radio licence and radio operator’s licence).

Although not mandatory, it is wise to fly the country flag of licence or registration from the stern. 

Carry current vaccination certificates for all pets.

Everyone on board should have the necessary documentation required to cross the border. You can neverpredict when or where foul weather may force you ashore.