Sports Facility:

The Royal Canadian Yacht Club provides Members with world-class facilities and programs to complement our comprehensive sailing programs. Our Sports facilities at both the Island and City Club provide members with access to highly trained and qualified professionals in a variety of sports.

Squash – 5 International Singles Courts, 1 Doubles Court. (City)
Badminton – 3 Courts (City)
Tennis – 4 Courts (Island)
Lawn Bowling – (Island)
Aquatics – Indoor Swimming Pool (City), Outdoor Swimming Pool (Island)
Children’s Programming (City and Island)
Fitness – 4000 sq. ft. Fitness Centre plus Studio (City)
Whether you are interested in starting a new sport, or have played/competed for years, the RCYC Sports department would be delighted to help facilitate your participation in our programs. RCYC Sports offer age-appropriate programs for both youth and adult Members.

Sports Committee Members

Vice Commodore, Sports - Mike Newbury
Badminton Chair - Marianne Anderson
Fitness Chair - Emily Nicholson
Lawn Bowling Chair - Joan Taschuk
Squash Chair - Geoff Reeser
Tennis Chair - Robin Wilson
Youth Sports Chair


Sports Staff Directory:

Taylor Fawcett, Sports Director
T: 416.967.7245 ex. 358 │ E: taylor.fawcett@rcyc.ca

Agnes Kuczalska, Sports Coordinator
T: 416.967.7245 ex. 255 │ E: agnes.kuczalska@rcyc.ca

Jeff Lurie, Racquets Professional
T: 416.967.7245 ex. 426 │ E: jeff.lurie@rcyc.ca

Sheila Corneil, Fitness Supervisor
T: 416.967.7245 ex. 246 │ E: sheila.corneil@rcyc.ca

Yomi Kobayashi, Fitness Consultant
T: 416.967.7245 ex. 241 │ E: yomi.kobayashi@rcyc.ca

Reza Rad, Aquatics Coordinator
T: 416-967-7245 ex 243 │ E: aquatics@rcyc.ca

Liliana Martins, Childcare Supervisor
T: 416.967.7245 ex. 228 │ E: liliana.martins@rcyc.ca

T: 416.967.7245 City ex. 254; Island ex. 502 │ E: proshop@rcyc.ca
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