City Pool Schedule


Pool Schedule

Winter 2018 - Download


There will be no Free Swim times during Pool Maintenance, Swim Lessons, Birthday Parties or any programmed classes. 

City Pool Hours – Monday to Sunday 9:00 am to 7:45 pm 

If there are any questions/comments please email

Aquatics Class Descriptions

Aqua Athletics Classes – Aqua Intervals, Aqua Strength & Conditioning
Aqua classes can help improve your performance in high-impact activities, including running, athletic land conditioning or team sports such as soccer or softball. Thanks to the buoyancy of water, you’ll be strengthening your muscles and improving your cardiovascular fitness without subjecting your body to additional wear and tear—leaving you feeling strong and refreshed when it’s time to give your all.
That’s why aqua classes are also fantastic for people recovering from injuries—it allows you to strengthen your muscles without stressing vulnerable joints! Cross training is key so try an Aqua class today because…
You’re never too cool for the pool!

Water Run
One of the best cardio workouts you will ever experience. This class is a based on high intensity interval training, and guess what? No impact on your joints! Great cross training for runners and walkers. Intervals are based on your own rate of perceived exertion, you work hard within your own comfort range. Because of the low impact it is also perfect for injury rehab while still getting an excellent workout. You've Got to Try it!

Swimfit program is designed to help you get in shape, develop your stroke and improve your cardiovascular endurance. Participants meet once a week and are provided with a workout that can be adjusted for varying skill levels.

Remote Control Sailboat Racing
In the Pool after a successful season last year, Winter Midweek “RC” Racing returns! Using remote-controlled Dragon Force 65’s, races are held in the pool at the City Clubhouse every Thursday Evening. Thursday, November 12th will start the series with the first gun at 7:00 pm.

Pram Jam
You can bring your children to the pool and introduce them to the world of the sailing! Kids age 4-7 can experience the feel of being in a Pram, the beginner’s boat at Junior Club. Private or Semi-Private instruction will give your child a taste of sailing while in a fun and safe environment. Classes will be held every Tuesday at 7:00pm starting November 3rd.

Pool Etiquette

1. Please do not enter the swimming pool if infected with a communicable disease or with open sores on your body. 

2. Do not bring glass containers or food of any kind on to the pool deck. 

3. Do not pollute the water in the swimming pool in any matter. Spitting, spouting of water and blowing of the nose in the pool or on deck are prohibited. 

4. Do not engage in boisterous play in, or about the swimming pool.  

5. According to the City of Toronto by-laws, each bather shall take a warm water shower with soap and thoroughly rinse off all soap before entering or re-entering the deck/pool. 

6. Bathers under 12 years of age are not allowed within the pool enclosure unless accompanied by a parent or his/her agent who is not less than16 years of age. 

7. Please be sure to tie long hair back or use a swimming cap. 

8. Please limit the number of towels that you take for your own use. Please deposit towels in the towel bins around the pool area. 

9. Any child, who needs to, must wear well fitting waterproof pants when in the pool, wading pool or pool area.