The RCYC Cruising Sailors' Squadron represents approximately 400 members of the RCYC with a primary objective to create a program of information and activities for cruising sailors. The activities focus on creating a collegial atmosphere for new and experienced cruisers to share advice, guidance and experience between CSS members and their families.

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CSS Cruises & Registration

Summer 2018

Lake Shore Yacht Club May 26th - 27th Registration Closed
Oakville Club & Oakville Yacht Squadron June 30th - July 2nd Registration Closed
Terry O’Connell Destination Rally July 7th and 8th Registration Closed
Ashbridge's Bay Yacht Club
(Jazz Festival)
July 21st and 22nd Registration Closed

Frenchman’s Bay Yacht Club

July 28th and 29th Registration Closed
Rendezvous1000 Islands
July 31st to August 2nd Registration Closed
Niagara on the Lake Sailing Club September 1st to 3rd  Registration Closed
Backyard Rendezvous Various Registration Closed


Like last year, the registration process will only be online only. It will be open for two weeks (longer for the Rendezvous), starting 7 weeks in advance of each departure date. 

CSS members will receive a registration link on the day registration opens, and a registration link will also open that day on the 2018 cruising chart on this page. Like last year, there will be no limit to registration numbers, but if too many sign up, there will be a draw.

As cancellations or additional slips are available, further draws will be made out of the remaining pool and prioritized in the order drawn. We will do our best to accommodate “Big Boats” as all planned cruises have space for a number of them.

CSS Activities

CSS 2018 Calendar

Pat Your Boat Day
Organizers: Suzanne & Geoff Cornish, RCYC Marine Yard
The great magical CSS Winter get together on the Island, with no boat
patting required!
February 11th
CSS Seminar Series I
Organizer: Cathie Macdonald
Provisioning Strategies with Moderator Martha Henderson & panel
January 9th
CSS Seminar Series II 
Organizer: Cathie Macdonald
Cruising the Turkish Aegean Coast & Greek Islands - A. Bilgen
February 6th
SPECIAL all day CSS Cruising Club of America Safety Seminar
Organizer: Amanda Balasubramanian
February 25th
CSS Seminar Series III 
Organizer: Cathie Macdonald
March 6th
CSS Seminar Series IV
Organizer: Cathie Macdonald
Choosing the Right Instruments
April 3rd
Spring Dinner May 5th
Spring BBQ and Frog Race
No Boat No Problem Cruise around the Island
Sale Swap and Giveaway
June 2nd
2018 CSS Cruises
Organizer: Bob Noble, Cruise Master 
See 2018 Cruises Section

Various Dates

Fall Dinner, AGM and Awards TBD

Cruisers' Information

Float Plan

  • SUBMIT: RCYC Float Plan if you are not leaving and returning at the same time as the Club’s cruise
‚ÄčIntroducing the RCYC Electronic Float Plan

Why should I submit Float Plan? The Float Plan provides essential information to the Sailing Office as to when boats will be away from their docks, where they will be going, and when they intend to return, The Float Plan promotes safe sailing by providing destination, routing and emergency contact information, as well as information to make efficient use of our docks for our many visiting boats. Therefore, all boaters away from their docks overnight are asked to submit their Float Plans, cruisers as well as members participating in away regattas.

PRIZES! To further encourage submissions, the Sailing Office will be awarding prizes at the end of the season. The more Float Plans you submit, the more likely you will win!

How easy is it to submit an Electronic Float Plan? The new electronic Float Plan is much easier to use than the old paper form. Instead filling in the form and taking it to the Sailing Office or phoning the Office to provide the necessary information, just fill in the electronic form on your phone, device or computer and press submit to send your information directly to the Sailing Office.

Where can I find the Electronic Float Plan form? For easy access, the form is available in many ways.
  • On the RCYC web site in two locations
  1. Under Sailing/Docks & Locker Information (this location may change with the upcoming changes to the web site) and
  2. Under Sailing/Cruising Sailors Squadron/Cruisers Information.
  • On your mobile phone, access the RCYC site, then click on “Sailing”, then click on “go to full web site” and then go to either of the locations above. (When the web site is revised, the link will be in a more easily accessible location.)
  • Book mark the form on your personal computer, phone etc.
  • When you register for a CSS Cruise, providing Float Plan information is part of the registration form.
  • The Sailing Office will provide the link in their communications with you.
Of course you can always drop by the Sailing office to provide your information to the Dockmaster, or email, or call 416-967-7245 or on VHF Channel 9.

What happens with my Float Plan information? Submitting your Float Plan automatically generates an email copy to you. When the Dockmaster receives your submission, the information you provided is exported to a special Sailing Office Float Plan excel document, instantly adding your safety information and dock availability data.

How to do I update my Float Plan? Plans change. Just advise the Dockmaster ASAP by visiting the Sailing Office or email, or calling 416-967-7245 or VHF Channel 9. Their contact information is provided on the Float Plan form. (The form itself is not yet updateable.) Once the update is provided, the Dockmaster will shortly thereafter email you a revised Float Plan.

Making sure the new Electronic Float Plan process works well for all Next Fall, the new the Float Plan process will be reviewed by members, user groups, and the Sailing Office. This review will examine as to how the Electronic Float Plan met the objective of providing information to the Sailing Office with useful safety and dock allocation information, and what improvements should be made going forward.

Special thanks to Martha Henderson for her initiative and perseverance in developing and promoting the Electronic Float Plan.

Thanks to the Sailing Office for making this important improvement in regards to our sailing safely and continuing to increasing the efficient use of our docks.

Cruise Captain Responsibilities

Cruising Sailor's Squadron Executive

2018 Executive

Role Name
CSS Captain Donald Short
Secretary Peggy McFarland
Treasurer John O'Donnell
Membership Officer/Roster Amy White and Signy White
Cruise Officer / LOCCA Representative Bob Noble
Deputy Cruise Officer and Safety Amanda Balasubramanian
Winter Seminar Series Cathie Macdonald
Events Cheryl Walter, Sandra Idenouye, Mary Brennan, Marnie Keith Murray
Communications Cathie Macdonald and Jia Gu


2017 CSS Award Winners

Awards Committee: Amanda Balasubramanian, Cathie Macdonald, Bob Noble

CRUISING SAILORS’ SQUADRON PARTICIPATION FLAG – to all CSS yachts that participated in a CSS cruise the previous summer: 29 boats participated this year, down from 44 last year. The 2017 flag is white, as proposed by Mike Delany to depict the ghost cruises we could not undertake last summer.  Winners -  Alas, Anna Lisa, Aquila, Cattitude,  Ingelside,  Irish Mist, Island Girl, Justified, Kioryi, New Bliss, Northern Sun, Nanabozo, Naxos,  Out of Focus, Pipe Dream, Poch Ma Hon, Quadrille, Rushale,  Sceptre, Sea Change, Sleek, Southern Cross, Tasman Rose, Top Hat, Tremelo, Unknown Island, and Waterford.
CSS PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD - depicting the cruising life and taken during a cruising  event over the previous season and open to all CSS Members.  Winner - Debra Appleton for “Masts at Mimico” taken at the Mimco Backyard Rendezvous, July 22-23. Thanks to all others who submitted their photos.
CSS AWARD OF MERIT – to a Member for special service to the Cruising Sailors’ Squadron.  Winner -  for the second time, Bob Noble, for his extraordinary service in planning and then ensuring cruises happened, despite flooding around the Lake,  in organising a very successful Mulcaster Rendezvous, with a few adaptations due to flooding,  and organizing the first ever CSS No Boat No Problem cruise around the Island an addition to the Royal Weekend.  And he has all the 2018 cruises organized for us to enjoy.
BEAVER SHIELD and NORMAND AWARD – for the Terry O’Connell race/cruise to Youngstown: Winner - Poch Ma Hon, with the trophies presented to Hamish and Ali Matthew by Mark Boudreau, the race/cruise organizer.

TRANSOCEANIC PENNANT - to a Member who has skippered or co-skippered a yacht across an ocean. Winner - Mike Newbury, for helming the crossing from the Canaries to Barbados. The penant presentation will be made at a future Club event.
This year the CSS Executive added four new “fun” awards to encourage cruising.
ROOKIE OF THE YEAR – for a boat’s first time cruise: Winner - Poupon, for its first cruise and anchoring at the Backyard Rendezvous in Mimico, with Guy Dodson and Debra Appleton accepting the award.
FAMILY CRUISING AWARD – for the cruising family that the best exemplified the spirit of cruising: Winner – the Hill family (Atlas), for bringing their Floating Island to Mulcaster.
MOST IMPROVED CRUISER AWARD – for the cruising boat that demonstrated an improvement in cruising skills:  Winner - Idenouye/Smears Family (Kioyi) for their cruise to Thousand Islands and Mulcaster Rendezvous, despite their boat floating away.

AGAINST ALL ODDS AWARD – for cruising boat that overcame adversity/significant challenge in order to cruise: Winner – Sceptre (Mimi Ward and Mario Tarsitano), for making the challenging cruise to Fifty Point

The Edward M. Hodder Cruising Award

The award goes to those cruisers who through a series of events, over a number of years, in yachts under their control, can rightfully say they have cruised Lake Ontario.