CLUB FLEET (Ideal 18)


The Ideal 18 Fleet & RRSP Program

Joining the Ideal 18 Fleet gives members wide access to the ideal 18’s throughout the sailing season. This program is for both racing helmsmen and crews with moderate to advanced racing experience. 

Individual and family memberships that are available. The Ideal 18 Fleet also takes part in a mixed gender, all ages, competitive race fleet that predominantly races on Thursday nights and four Saturday regattas in June, July, August, and the Club Championship in September. There is also a start on Friday nights for the TGIF Series.  Members of the RRSP program can also book a boat for cruising/family sailing depending on availability at the sailing office.

The Saturday Regattas in June, July, August, September start at 12 noon, consist of 5 races, back-to-back, windward/leeward twice around.  All Saturday regattas are open to other club members as guests but with first bookings and Trophy Awards to go to Ideal 18 Program Members. 

The weekly bookings of the boat will be done on the RCYC website. Program members who race regularly can be assigned as Boat Captains, and they have first call for the boat they have been assigned. However, if the boat is not booked 48 hours before the start gun of the Thursday night race or the Saturday Regattas other program members can book the boat.

Women’s Sailing Program

The Women’s Sailing Program offers social sailing for beginners to intermediate sailors, and advanced sailing for women interested in racing. More information about this popular program can be found here or contact the Sailing Office, Ramona Bavington (, Michelle Clemo ( or Lynn Dee Cuthbertson (

Team Racing

The RCYC Team Racing Fleet holds weekly training sessions in the Ideal 18s on Wednesday evenings. Team racing is a fun, fast-paced and tactical form of racing that provides an excellent opportunity to improve your boat handling and rules knowledge. Please contact the Sailing Office, Dirk McLaughlin ( or Ethan Holtzer ( for details.

Friday Night TGIF Series

There will be a start and a shorter course for the Ideal 18s during the TGIF Series.

General Sailing

Program Members are asked to file a Float Plan and register with the Sailing Office if they sail the boats outside the program times. Other members will be required to have competency in handling and sailing a boat and must file a float plan. For details please contact the Sailing Office.


Ideal 18 Handbook:

Download the latest Ideal 18 Handbook in PDF format here: Ideal 18 Handbook 2016.

For more information, contact Jonathan Frederick - at the sailing office.

How to Use Boat Booking System for the Ideal 18 Fleet: