With over 90% of Club Members contributing to the Athlete Development Fund (ADF), we're setting the stage for further improvements as our Club is represented at all levels of competition!  Thank you, on behalf of all RCYC athletes, for your continued support.

In 2018, the ADF focuses funding on Member athletes who have applied and been evaluated as top performers in their class and the next "ones to watch" in the future.  Additionally, “Greater Good” funding is provided to support a broader set of developing athletes and contributes to coach and team travel, training and regatta costs.


The ADF Committee, led by Tim Bishop (Chair), David Jarvis and Justin Quigg, manages an online funding request system each Spring and Fall. This allows for athlete, Club, coach and Fund planning to be Member-led, transparent, objective, consistent and manageable.

We’re proud to have supported hundreds of athletes over the years who have been evaluated based on the following criteria:
  1. Participation in a Recognized ISAF Class
  2. Demonstrable Financial Need & Logistics
  3. Perceived Merit, Commitment & Professionalism
  4. Performance & Comprehensive Training Plans
  5. Support of the Greater Good for Team Expenses

As a condition of receiving ADF funding, applicants are advised that they are required to: 
  1. Express Appreciation: Provide a 100-word thank you to Club Members for use in the Kwasind articles
  2. Demonstrate progress: Submit short development reports outlining your progress each term of funding
  3. Be engaged: provide coaching, attend social events and be visible around the Club

Thank you again to all Members for your continued support!

Apply for ADF