Steps to Hoisting and Dousing the Spinnaker

Spinnaker Hoists and Douses based on 3 People in an Ideal 18


  1. Bow set pole on the final approach to the windward mark (make sure tweeker is set on the guy and the pole is 90 degrees to the mast) 
  2. Bow to feed guy out of bag and middle pulls the corner of the spinnaker to the leeward side of the jib
  3. Skipper to bear off around the mark and let main sail out while the middle has both spinnaker sheets and the bow hoists the spinnaker 
  4. Once spinnaker is flying, bow to furl jib
  5. Middle to cleat guy and play sheet on spinnaker 
  6. Bow to clean 'house' and adjust sail controls accordingly


  1. Put sail controls back on that were let off 
  2. Bow to unfurl jib 
  3. Bow to put pole away while middle free flys the kite
  4. Middle then gathers foot of the spinnaker on the PORT side of the boat
  5. Bow to release the spinnaker halyard once the middle calls for it and spinnaker is taken down quickly
  6. Skipper to head up around mark and trim in main (or middle can help with main trim), bow to trim jib