Learn to sail at RCYC on Toronto Island. Our Adult Sailing Programs cater to sailors of every skill level - from beginner to high performance. These programs offer an opportunity to experience the sport of sailing without owning your own boat.

You can start your journey to becoming a confident sailor, pick up where you left off years ago, or keep adding to your skill set. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Book a private lesson with an instructor in a Club Ideal 18 or on your own boat. All programs are open to non-members and are run from our Toronto Island Clubhouse.

Please contact Jenny Farrand at or call 416-967-7245 ext. 590 with any questions to find the course that best suits your skill level. Registration will be open at the end of March for all sailors.

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Summer Sailing Camp

Introducing a sailing camp for adults! Take a couple days for yourself and enjoy the summer while getting some hands-on sailing experience. With an abundance of sailboats, friendly instructors guide you through crucial steps on your way to feeling confident on the water. Build your knowledge as you learn to handle a boat in different conditions, practice important safety techniques like man overboard, and cruise around the island for a peaceful anchorage for lunch.  

Monday, July 24th – Thursday, July 28th 

Intro to Sailing

Join us on the island for a full weekend clinic and learn the necessary skills for sailing, both on the water and ashore. All are welcome to this introductory program, no experience necessary! This course is designed for beginners wishing to get in a sailboat and learn practical skills on the water as well as some of the fundamental theory behind it all. Bring a friend or family member for this adventure and you’ll be confidently sailing together by Sunday afternoon.  
Session 1: Saturday, June 24th & Sunday, June 25th
Session 2: Saturday, July 15th & Sunday, July 16th 
Session 3: Saturday, September 2nd & Sunday, September 3rd

CANSail 1 & 2

The CANSail program is a leading sail training initiative to foster performance in sailing and lifelong participation in the sport. CANSail is designed to be a set of progressive learn-to-sail standards focused on providing sailors with a solid foundation of core skills. It allows sailors to learn and progress in any type of boat and consolidates key skills and solid experiences before adding complex skills. 

Begin your journey towards becoming a certified sailor with CANSail 1&2. This course teaches the basic skills necessary to sail in a safe and fun environment. Participants will work towards achieving their CANSail certification over weeknights on the island. Lessons include sail trim, helming, boat maneuvers and much more.
Session 1: Wednesday, May 31st – June 28th 
Session 2: Wednesday, July 5th – August 2nd 
Session 3: Wednesday, August 9th – September 6th 

Private Lessons

No matter what your skill level or interest, a private coach is the most efficient way to accomplish your sailing goals. RCYC is home to the some of the most talented sailors and coaches in the country, and they are easily available to deliver comprehensive and meaningful private lessons targeting any weak point in your sailing abilities. Find some spare time during the weekend, evenings, or even during the day to spend some time with one of our resident experts and experience the benefits of a private coach. Please contact to book a time and discuss where you would like to start!


Learn to Race

Racing is a fun and valuable part of the sailing experience – it’s the next big step in elevating your sailing skills. There are so many diverse racing programs at RCYC, skippers are always looking for new crew. This course creates sailors that are confident and valuable crew members on any keelboat. Over six Tuesday nights, experienced coaches will cover crucial elements such as crew positions, parts of a race course and rules of racing. With the Club’s Midweek Race running in Toronto Harbour, sailors will be able to see live demonstrations and even compete during the final week to test their skills!  
Session 1: Tuesday, May 16th – June 20th
Session 2: Tuesday, June 27th – August 1st 
Session 3: Tuesday, August 8th – September 12th 

Dinghy Thursdays

Test the waters in RS Visions this summer with “Dinghy Thursdays”! Add some new skills to your repertoire with these high performance dinghies with a sunset sail in the harbour every week. For those with previous sailing experience, a coach will guide sailors to improve boat speed in different conditions, and give sailors a chance on the trapeze wire in high winds. Learn how to control your vessel and enjoy the asymmetrical spinnaker for an exciting downwind. Sailors can work towards completing their CANSail 3 & 4 certification under the supervision of a qualified instructor during this program, while focusing on speed and spinnaker. 
Session 1: Thursday, July 6th – July 27th 
Session 2: Thursday, August 10th – August 31st 

Basic Cruising Clinic

Cruising is a fun adventure for anyone interested in the sport of sailing, however it’s difficult to enjoy yourself without any preparation or experience. The goal of this program is to produce independent sailors that can handle a keelboat confidently in different environments. This course is well-suited to new or potential boat owners, or any sailors looking to contribute while cruising. Spend a weekend with family or friends and practice important maneuvers such as anchoring, hoisting sails and using a motor. 
Session Dates: Saturday, June 10th & Sunday, June 11th 


Restricted Operator’s Certificate – Maritime

In order to use a VHF radio, a Restricted Operator’s Certificate – Maritime (ROC-M) is required by all boaters. The Maritime Radio course covers emergency and every day procedures and techniques such as channel frequencies, distress signals and digital calling. 
Course Date: Saturday, April 1st

Toronto Harbour License

Receive your Toronto Harbour License on the island this summer with a certified instructor. This license is required in addition to the Pleasure Craft Operator’s Card in order to operate any powered vessels in Toronto Harbour. Become certified for life with a quick review before testing.