City Clubhouse - Sample Boards

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City Clubhouse - Sample Boards

A group of Members has worked very hard with the Architectural firm  (+VG Architects) on selecting finishes for the City Clubhouse Locker Rooms and new Bistro. The finishes have been reviewed by the Task Force for Interiors, the Planning Committee, Sports and Social Committee and the Board.  

The Locker Rooms for the Men's and Women's Change Rooms are designed to compliment one another. The new Family Change Room is a combination of the two spaces.

The locker doors are the same in all areas for consistency and while they feature a robust finish to reduce future maintenance costs, they have an upscale look and feel.  Tile has been chosen for each area within the Locker Rooms with the smaller tile in wet areas to reduce slipping. The locker areas will be carpeted with a product that has a sealed backing. It welds together removing the risk of moisture penetrating through the seams.  
The Bistro area will feature a hard wood floor throughout the lounge space and at the perimeter of the Dining Area. The centre of the Dining Area is carpeted to dampen noise and add refinement to the space. Above the Bar, a slat ceiling matching the flooring adds definition to the area without dividing the room. The South wall will house the fireplace, wine storage and display. 
We have displayed the sample boards in the Galley by the staircase for those interested in seeing the samples in person. See the Sample Boards for each area below: 

Men's Locker Room 

Women's Locker Room 

Family Change Room

Bistro Dining Area

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RCYC is embarking on The Cornerstone Project to restore, improve and build upon the amenities and services the Club currently provides and will continue to provide to all Members and their families for years to come.

Cornerstone Project renovations began shortly after the project was approved by RCYC's Membership at the 2017 Annual General Meeting. ​

As Cornerstone Project renovations proceed, updates will be provided on the work underway, and the impact to Members twice per month.
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