The Cornerstone Project Update: May 29th

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The Cornerstone Project Update: May 29th

City Clubhouse

Summary of Renovation
  • The Men’s and Ladies’ Locker Rooms are being completely renovated improving the spaces including:
    • Replacement of all lockers with new half-size lockers
    • Refinishing the wet areas and updating the aging infrastructure
  • An addition of a Family Change Room on the third floor that will contain:
    • A fully accessible change/shower and washroom space
    • Family change rooms 
  • Family lockers and day lockers 
  • The Dining room is being completely overhauled to update the finishes and create a bistro and lounge space for Members.  Included in the space is:
    • Wine storage and display for improved selection 
    • Smart Casual lounge space with access to service 
    • Smart Casual dining space
The work is being performed concurrently for efficiency as well as to avoid future disruptions to these Member-used spaces, since the behind-the-scenes infrastructure for each floor of the Ladies Locker Room is in the ceiling space below.

Work Underway
Staff Change Room renovations in preparation for Member use during the Member Change Room renovations are progressing well. A big thank you to the staff working in adjacent spaces for putting up with the noise over the last couple of weeks. Here is what is coming next:
  • June 1st/2nd – Staff will box up lockers that have not been emptied in the Member locker rooms in preparation for demolition.
  • June 2nd – Completion of Staff Change Room renovations for temporary Member use. Day lockers will be installed in each area and each has a shower stall for use.
  • June 3rd – Members start to use Staff Change Rooms for changing.
  • June 5th:
    • Locker and dining rooms demolition start
    • Hoarding setup will start isolating the active Member areas from the construction.
    • October 6th – Renovations completed
Impact to Members
  • There will be some noise as the demolition progresses.
  • Hoarding will be set up around the Dining Room however there will remain access to the Model Room as well as the Canada Room through the renovations
  • Plans are being made to remove materials through the emergency exit stairwells at the front of the building to avoid construction traffic through the open spaces of the Clubhouse.
  • All contractors working on the project have experience working in active clubs and we will ensure safety and good housekeeping practices.
  • The west side of the outside parking lot will be reserved for construction use. 

Island Clubhouse

Summary of Renovation
  • Restoration to the exterior of the Clubhouse including: 
    • Cladding replacement 
    • Window replacement 
    • Roof replacement
  • Renovation of the interior including:
    • Increasing Verandah area seating and addition of indoor/outdoor bar
    • Renovation of current dining space
    • Addition of an accessible lift for access to the second floor
    • Creation of main floor washrooms
Overall Schedule
September 5, 2017 – Site mobilization and setup
October 9, 2017 – Demolition
June 1, 2018 – Renovations and demobilization complete

Work Underway
A reminder that the physical work on the Island will not start until the fall, however investigative work will continue throughout the summer.

Impact to Members 
We expect materials to start to arrive on the Island in September.  There will be areas utilized to store the materials and keep them safe, but this should not affect Member use of the facility.

Sauna vs. Steam Room Survey Results

Thank you to all female Members who completed the survey.  The survey results indicated that the majority of our female Members would like a traditional sauna in the new Locker Room.

Vacate Lockers — Final Reminder

Thank you to all Members who have already emptied their lockers. We ask that all locker holders please vacate your locker no later than Wednesday, May 31st. Once you remove the contents of your locker, please notify Agnes Kuczalska at or see Agnes in the Pro Shop.

A credit will be applied to your account based on the size of your current locker:

Full Locker - $92.00
Double - $49.00
Small - $35.00

We ask you to take your lock with you for two reasons; it will make it easier to see which lockers have been emptied and also because the current locks will no longer be necessary. Please note: locker areas will not be accessible after June 4th. 

Locker contents that are not picked up by May 31st will be boxed and stored in the locked Fleet Room. A monthly storage fee of $15.00 will apply for each month that your content is stored.

Colin Flock
Project Manager
The Cornerstone Project
Posted: 5/29/2017 4:16:33 PM by Colin Flock

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RCYC is embarking on The Cornerstone Project to restore, improve and build upon the amenities and services the Club currently provides and will continue to provide to all Members and their families for years to come.

Cornerstone Project renovations began shortly after the project was approved by RCYC's Membership at the 2017 Annual General Meeting. ​

As Cornerstone Project renovations proceed, updates will be provided on the work underway, and the impact to Members twice per month.
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