The RCYC Dress Code is intended to maintain the standards and traditions of the Club. Members and their guests are invited, and strongly encouraged, to embrace the spirit and intent of the Club's Dress Code. 

The Launch Dress Code goes into effect each year on the day of Sailpast. It is waived as of the morning of Last Mast Blast.

The RCYC offers sailing, racquet sports, swimming and many other activities. It also provides a setting where Members and guests can share special moments or simply enjoy the formal refinements that the Club offers.

Our Dress Code is designed to balance common sense with consideration for all Members and guests who share the facilities and property.  Rather than setting out what to wear, it instead focuses on what is not appropriate to wear.

Front of City Clubhouse, RCYC Launch and Front of Island Clubhouse & Front Lawn:
  1. No ripped or stained jeans
  2. No cut‐off shorts or short shorts
  3. No tank tops, muscle shirts, tube tops, or cropped tops
  4. No bare feet, wetsuits, or swimwear
  5. No track suits, running gear or athletic clothing*
  6. No attire displaying slogans, motifs, language or insignias that may be construed as offensive, rude or political
  7. No sports hats may be worn inside our Clubhouses

Special events, including regattas, may provide exceptions to select restrictions or set an event-specific requirement.  Members and guests are asked to observe posted notices in that regard.
The RCYC General Manager and senior Staff members are authorized to deny Members and guests access to the Club Launch and Clubhouses if any dress code violations are observed.

*For Clarification:
1. Front of City Clubhouse includes Foyer, Bistro 1852, Model Room, Canada Room and Mezzanine Gallery.
2. Front of Island Clubhouse includes Front Hall, Lounge, Harbourview Room, Patricia Room, Ballroom and Commodores’ Room.
3. The Front Lawn includes the area on the North Island running west from the swimming pool to the seawall that surrounds the Clubhouse. (The paved dingy storage area immediately west of the Annex building is not included in this area.)
4. Bathing suits may be worn in the swimming pool area only and on boats.
5. Athletic clothing is permitted in the City Clubhouse Galley and the Crown and Beaver Bar in addition to the upper floors. It is also permitted on the east side of the verandah and in the Ovens Room, in addition to the more casual, private areas of the Island from the pool house and beyond. Lawn bowlers and tennis players may also wear their whites on the Launch.
6. The RCYC Dress Code applies to children age 10+. Children aged nine and under should wear neat and clean clothes.
7. Members are responsible for advising their guests of the RCYC Dress Code and for their guests respecting this Code.

The RCYC Dress Code considers all Members and their guests. It also considers the staff who are asked to enforce it consistently. We trust that it will be understood and appreciated by all.