World Class Sailing in Toronto

Since 1852, the Royal Canadian Yacht Club has built a reputation of excellence in the promotion of every aspect of yacht racing and cruising. From Club Fleet Championships to International Events, our Club attracts sailors from all over the world to our Toronto Island Clubhouse.

RCYC’s programs include Racing, Adult Sailing, Junior Sailing and Clinics led by experts throughout the year. We cater to Sailors of all levels - from beginners to Olympic Athletes.


Regattas, Midweek Racing & More

The RCYC has a long tradition of competitive excellence in yacht racing. Each
year, we host a variety of regattas - provincial, national and international. Midweek
Racing is held throughout the spring, summer and fall.

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Learn to Sail, Social Sailing & Racing

Our Adult Sailing Programs cater to sailors of every skill level - from beginner to
high performance. These programs offer an opportunity to experience the sport of
sailing without owning your own boat.

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Summer Program Since 1925

The Junior Club has produced international champions along with skilled
yachtsmen & yachtswomen. Long-lasting friendships develop over the years as
young sailors spend their summer days discovering life on the water. While
competitive excellence in sailing is recognized and encouraged, the fundamental
objective of the program remains to introduce Junior Sailors to the great sport of

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RCYC Fleets

Community & Tradition

The Club boasts a wide array of Fleets including the Cruising Sailors’ Squadron,
J105, 8 Metre, Sharks, I14s etc. In addition, our Club Fleets are available for
Members to use throughout the Summer.

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