Learn to sail at RCYC on Toronto Island this season. Our Adult Sailing Programs cater to sailors of every skill level - from beginner to racer. These programs offer an opportunity to experience the sport of sailing without owning a boat.

You can make your first step to becoming a confident sailor, pick up where you left off years ago, or join a program to meet other sailors and continue developing your abilities.


Intro to Sailing – Start here to begin your journey or refresh your memory! No experience required.


CANSail 1 & 2 – Develop your skills to become a better sailor.


Skills Sessions – Each session will focus on the fine tuning of various sailing skills.


Team Racing – Learn to compete in a different race format and improve your performance with coaching.


Please contact us at with any questions to find the course that best suits your skill level.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Book a private lesson with an instructor in a Club Ideal 18 or on your own boat. Most programs are open to non-members and are run from our Toronto Island Clubhouse with ferry service to the island included. Email us at for further information.


Why choose RCYC Adult Sailing?

  • Friendly, experienced instructors & race coaches
  • Fantastic environment in Toronto Harbour & Island
  • Meet RCYC sailors and make long-lasting relationships
  • Continue sailing with new programs every season



Club Fleet  - Join the Club-owned fleet to access our sailboats all season and become part of the active community.

Women's Sailing - The social sailing program for female sailors is always popular and engaging for RCYC Members to connect every week.



Learn to Sail

Intro to Sailing  

Enjoy a full weekend on the water and build a solid foundation to start your sailing journey. Sailors are guided by friendly instructors in small class sizes to create a memorable adventure with friends & family. Saturday begins with a lesson on basic theory followed by demonstrations to get you on the water as soon as possible. The rest of the weekend focuses on gaining practical experience and spending time sailing around Toronto Harbour. Great for beginners or as review, sign up with a partner to spend your weekend in the sunshine and become qualified to take a boat out on your own.  


Intro to Sailing can be used as a foundation to begin working towards CANSail certification. This two-day course may be paired with private lessons in order to achieve CANSail 1 or 2 depending on individual sailor’s abilities. Please contact for more information on how this can be accomplished.



CANSail Program

Level 1 or 2

Begin your journey towards becoming a certified sailor this summer with CANSail 1, or continue building your basic sailing skills with CANSail 2. The CANSail program is designed to be a set of progressive learn-to-sail standards focused on providing sailors with a solid foundation of core skills. It allows sailors to learn and progress in any type of boat and consolidates key skills and solid experiences before adding complex skills.   


With RCYC's CANSail program, participants learn theory through lessons on shore and develop fundamental skills on the water. Lessons include sail trim, helming, boat maneuvers and safety procedures taught by experienced instructors in small class sizes. Sailors can continue to work on CANSail levels with one-on-one coaching throughout the year. Over 6 weeknights, sailors will be evaluated on their developing skills and provided with updates on their tracked progress. Book a private lesson for one-on-one instruction and identify key areas to focus on for the remainder of the course. 


  • Weeknight lessons begin at 6:00 pm and finish by 9:00 pm.  

Session 1 - June 7th to July 12th 


Session 2 - July 19th to August 23rd



Weeknights don’t work with your schedule? Sign up for an Intro to Sailing course for a crash course on many of the required CANSail skills. Follow this with private lessons tailored to your busy schedule to complete your level this season. Contact for more information on achieving your goals.

Skills Sessions

New this season, sailors from all areas of the Club can train important skills to improve their performance on the water. Coaches focus on a featured topic with on-water drills and on-shore theory followed by a debrief. This program is geared towards sailors aiming to develop their boat speed & handling.   

May 25th - Boat Handling

June 1st - Sail Trim

June 12th - Spinnaker Trim

More dates to be announced. 


Racing Programs

Team Racing

Team racing is an exciting and sociable sailing format in which a team of sailors work together to try and establish an overall winning combination for their team over their opposition. Team races are fast and furious and reward good starting, boat speed, boat handling, rules knowledge and team work skills.

Join us every second Wednesday for Team Racing! Crews to be mixed each night - sail with different people and learn more about the team racing program. 


Sailing & Social Programs

Ideal 18 Fleet

Access our fleet of Club-owned boats from May to September and head out for a sail in the harbour. RCYC Members can sail any day of the week in this simple 18-foot keelboat that is great for up to 3 adults or a small family. Racers = and sailors looking for a community - can join the fleet for an entire season of weeknight racing, regattas and find fast friends in a large group of active sailors.

Club-owned boats are only available for RCYC Members. Non-members can book extra time on the water with a private lesson by contacting us directly.

More information on the Club Fleet. 

Women's Sailing

The popular social sailing group meets every week to bring together female Members from all corners of the Club. Monday night sessions run throughout the season with some extra weekend clinics to focus on specific skills - this group improves upon any existing sailing experience, or acts as a first introduction for beginners looking to make the first step. 

More information on Women's Sailing. 


Stand Up Paddleboard

Paddle Canada Basic SUP Skills Course

Whether you are new to SUP, seeking to improve your SUP skills, a nationally accredited SUP Instructor or even seeking to become a SUP Instructor Trainer, Paddle Canada's National SUP program is designed to help you achieve your goals with a high-degree of confidence, proficiency and safety.

This course will take place on July 9th,23rd, August 6th and 20th, from 5:45 PM to 7:30 PM. The cost of the program is $79.00 + HST/session and includes the cost of the Instructor, rental of the paddle and paddleboard.


Island Night SUP Adventure

The Toronto Island Night SUP Adventure includes: a serene sunset tour on the calm waterways of the Toronto Islands, spectacular night views of the Toronto Harbour cityscape, specialized night lighting including an illuminated Torch Paddle and an adventure through Turtle Alley, one of the Island's hidden passageways.

This program will take place on July 9th, 23rd, August 6th and 20th, from 8:30 PM to 10:00 PM. The cost of the program is $99.00 + HST/ session and includes the cost of the Instructor, all lighting and rental of the paddle and paddleboard. This program is guided by an accredited Paddle Canada SUP Instructor.


SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga combines the peace of yoga with the rejuvenating power of the water. Use a paddleboard as a floating yoga mat to play with balance as you improve strength, flexibility and concentration. 

SUP Yoga Instructor, Jana Ruby, will guide you through a gentle Hatha practice based on classic asanas (yoga postures) that will connect you to your breath, body and the beauty of nature. This Hatha SUP program is suitable for beginners and experienced yogis alike.