The Island offers plenty of opportunities to sail without owning a boat. Thanks to generous donations and continued support from our Membership, the Club owns a variety of boats that are available for sailing from spring to fall. Join a program, rent a boat for an afternoon, or become part of the community to get a hands-on experience of sailing in Toronto Harbour and Lake Ontario any day of the week.

COVID-19 Update - Monday May 25th, 2020:

The RCYC Sailing Office staff remains in constant contact with Ontario Sailing and Sail Canada.  We also are staying abreast of all City of Toronto news that relates to Youth Programming, Summer Camps, and Large Event programming. Everything is being done with our Members, guests and employees’ safety and health in mind.

With that, an announcement was made by the Premier on Thursday, May14th, that allowed for the opening of Marina’s to members as long as social distancing measures were followed and feasible. This is encouraging news and our team of staff are back on site to begin getting equipment ready and to assist members as they return back to the Island and city side to prepare their boats.

A news release from Ontario Sailing released on Monday May 4th stated the following:
“The choices each and every one of us makes in the days ahead will absolutely define what the 2020 sailing season looks like for the entire Ontario sailing community.  We need to set the tone for compliance and to follow the guidelines to be able to continue to see more opportunities for our community to open more and more in the weeks and months ahead.”
Please see Ontario Sailing’s COVID-19 Updates Page for further updates and information.

We will be launching our Club-owned boats and running a condensed schedule of Adult Sailing programs this season when it is safe to do so. To be added to our contact list for updates on these matters, please contact

Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you on the Island!

Ideal 18


  • Dinghy with a keel: simplicity of a dinghy with the stability of a keelboat (no capsizing!)
  • Great for any skill level, from beginner to racer
  • Available to all RCYC Members for a couple hours or the whole season
  • Sail with 2 or 3 adults or a small family
  • Fleet of 12 Club-owned Boats


Boat Charter 

  • Open to all RCYC Members. $50 for the day.
  • Sailor must complete an application to be considered for the Approved Skippers list. Applicants may be directed to book an orientation or private lesson with an instructor to be added to the list, depending on sailing experience.
  • Private Lesson: 1 or 2 adults or a small family accompanied by an instructor. This time can be used to gain experience for chartering an Ideal 18 on your own, or to work on a specific goal.
    Cost: $150 for 2 hours, $50 for every additional hour.



  • Active community of friendly Members
  • Experienced racers mentor new sailors to the fleet
  • Fleet racing on Thursday nights
  • Saturday regatta each month
  • Social programs for skill development such as Women's Sailing or Race Training


Join the Fleet

Joining the Ideal 18 Fleet gives Members complete access to the Club-owned boats throughout the sailing season. This program is for both racers and cruisers looking for an opportunity to get out on the water without the stress of owning a boat. Members of the Ideal 18 fleet can book a boat for any race or simply head out for an adventure in the harbour with friends & family.


Individual and family fleet memberships are available, which provides sailors with the ability to go sailing any day with no additional fees. Fleet membership also includes racing on Thursday nights and a monthly weekend regatta. Sailors receive a 25% discount to their first adult sailing program of the season after joining the Club Fleet.


Registration includes access to boats from May to September, no additional regatta fees, an online boat reservation system and a 25% discount to your first adult sailing program.

Sailors must submit a Skipper Approval form before taking a Club boat out for the first time each season. RCYC Members can charter an Ideal 18 after receiving confirmation as an Approved Skipper - simply sign out a boat at the Sailing Office or book one ahead of time.

Contact the Sailing Office at for more information.





  • Designed for comfortable club racing 
  • Good stability allows for all ages
  • Sail with 3 to 4 people
  • Fleet of 6 Club Boats

Race Programs

  • Go head-to-head against another boat with Match Racing
  • Train as a team to race in 3v3 format with Team Racing
  • Compete every Thursday night with midweek fleet racing
  • Represent RCYC at local and international regattas


  • Junior Club’s massive fleet of dinghies for youth programs include RS Vision, Club 420, multi-hulls and more
  • Available for private lessons upon request
More information on Youth Programs available here.

Crew Bank

Boat owners often search for new crew for midweek racing, cruises, and regattas. Join the online crew bank to find a team and get out on the water! 

Sailors that wish to be added to the RCYC Crew Bank may indicate their interest by signing up here.

Check out the current list of boats looking for sailors here.

Further questions can be directed to