1/16/2023 11:38:13 AM by Andrew Alberti

Penalties and Sportsmanship

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4/19/2022 6:20:32 PM by Andrew Alberti

Sailing Rules: Mark Room - When Can You Gybe?

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1/10/2022 4:59:17 PM by Andrew Alberti

Mark Room at a Gybe Mark

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10/20/2021 12:45:11 PM by Andrew Alberti

Penalties – When and How to Take Them

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8/5/2021 12:32:03 PM by Andrew Alberti

New Rule Changes III

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Posted: 1/16/2023 11:38:13 AM by Andrew Alberti
I had the privilege of judging at multiple events this year.  I noticed something new this year.  I ran into quite a few RCYC judges while travelling to regattas outside of the club.  Aside from our two International Judges, Lynne Beal and Pat Healy who serve all over the world, I also ran into Andrew Van Nostrand, Dale King, David Dunphy, Heather Macnaughton, Margaret Samuel, my son Peter Alberti and Scott Collinson serving as judges at a variety of events.  This is, in my opinion a great development in the involvement of RCYC in the wider sailing community. 
Posted: 4/19/2022 6:20:32 PM by Andrew Alberti
I have now written two articles about mark-room at a gybe mark. In both cases, the mark denotes a point at which boats would clearly need to assume a different tack to sail to the next mark. We typically call these marks gybe marks, a term for which there is broad, but unwritten agreement as there are no definitions for gybe marks in the Racing Rules of Sailing. Nevertheless, two rules change depending on whether a gybe is required or not.
Posted: 1/10/2022 4:59:17 PM by Andrew Alberti
Two issues ago, I started a discussion of mark-room at a gybe mark. I presented some fairly common scenarios that appear when two boats approach a gybe mark and round together. I am going to continue that discussion this month with some slightly more complicated situations.
Posted: 10/20/2021 12:45:11 PM by Andrew Alberti
I want to start this month by recognizing some of the judges from the Club who have been representing us outside the Club. Lynne Beal has just returned from Tokyo where she served at her third consecutive Olympics as a Judge (as well as being the Jury Secretary in 1996). Pat Healy has returned to the city following about a month of back-toback regattas as the Chief Judge at CORK in Kingston. Dale King and my son Peter Alberti have also served as judges at multiple regattas this summer at Port Credit, Ashbridges Bay and in Dale’s case, CORK. I apologize if I missed someone. Thank you to all of them for their contributions to the sport. 
Posted: 8/5/2021 12:32:03 PM by Andrew Alberti
This month, we continue our exploration of changes included in the 2021-2024 edition of the Racing Rules of Sailing. This edition brings a lot of changes, but few affect the way we sail on the course. 
Posted: 8/5/2021 11:55:02 AM by Andrew Alberti

Mark rounding is a lot like the weather. It is genuinely complex, and it causes no end of trouble, particularly for those not paying attention. Rule 18, “Mark-Room,” takes as much space in the rulebook as Rules 10 to 17. There are a few slightly more complicated situations that I would like to discuss, but this month we will start with some of the basics.

Posted: 3/9/2021 1:02:21 PM by Andrew Alberti
This month, we continue our exploration of changes included in the 2021-2024 edition of the Racing Rules of Sailing. This edition brings a lot of changes, but few affect the way we sail on the course.

As you may recall from previous articles, rule 16 is a general rule which puts limitations on right-of-way boats when they change course – here is where you find changes in the right-of-way rules that might change the game. The most frequently used part of the rule, 16.1, requires all right-ofway boats on the course to give others time to avoid them when changing course, and is unchanged. Rule 16.2 puts further limitations on starboard-tack boats approaching port-tack boats. It has had quite a few changes. Some were designed to plug a loophole in the old rule. One change allows something that was not allowed before.
This page provides links to a set of articles original published in Kwasind magazine. The versions here include animated diagrams. The original articles can be found within the original magazines which are available online back to January 2007. 

Articles before December 2020 are based on the Racing Rules of Sailing 2009-12 or 2013-2016 or 2017-2020 and have not been updated to reflect the changes that apply as of January 2021 with the publication of the Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-24. A copy of the new rules can be found on sailing.org.
Andrew Alberti has been writing these monthly articles in the Kwasind since early 1997.  They explain the Racing Rules of Sailing. Andrew is an International Judge and National Umpire. He is a member of the Sail Canada Rules and Appeals Committees. The interpretation of the rules contained in the articles is Andrew's and not that of the RCYC or any of the committees he sits on. 

Send your questions to Andrew at kyrules@alberti.ca.


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