The Women’s Sailing program is continually one of our most popular and thriving recreational groups. Open to all RCYC women, this is a great opportunity to meet different club members while improving your sailing skills. All levels of experience are welcome and encouraged to come out.

In Women’s Social Sailing, beginner to intermediate sailors learn basic components of sailing in an Ideal 18. With two to three people in a boat, sailors will gain experience in steering, sail trim and more to become confident sailing independently. This is a fun program intended for anyone looking for a relaxed and social environment.

For advanced sailors, the more demanding Women’s Racing program was introduced in 2015. Sailors use the club Ideal 18 fleet to fly spinnakers, control boat speed and explore racing tactics. The racing group trains with the Ideal 18s with goal to participate in Thursday night races and club regattas, including the Women’s Club Championships.

Both programs include brief lessons from instructors before heading out on the water, and an in-depth debrief in the clubhouse. With the two programs moving to separate nights, more spots are now available to accommodate as many women as possible.

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2018 Registration date TBD. If you do not recieve an email confirmation after registering, please contact Jennifer.Farrand@rcyc.ca.


Winter Events
Women’s Pool Party: Tuesday, February 7th

Women’s Social Sailing
Session 1
Full-Day Clinic: Sunday, May 28*
Monday Evenings: May 29, June 5-26

Session 2
Full-Day Clinic: Sunday, July 9*
Monday Evenings: July 10-31, August 14

Women’s Racing
Session 1
Full-Day Clinic: Saturday, May 27*
Tuesday Evenings: May 30, June 6-27

Session 2
Tuesday Evenings: July 11*-25, August 1&15

If you have to miss an evening, there will be an opportunity to attend a make up day on Monday, August 21. 

*Cancellations must be submitted two weeks prior to the session’s start date.


Workshop: Basics of Sailing
Workshop: Safety on the Water
Workshop: Rules of Racing
Steps to Hoisting and Dousing the Spinnaker
Check WX Aviation Weather
Boating Knots
Ideal 18 Handbook
Coaches' Corner