For more information, select your fleet of interest. 

8 Metre

For more information on 8 Metres click here

C&C 27

Fun to sail, 27’s are quick for their size yet forgiving in harsh weather; well built, they are easy to look after and hold their value. 

An RCYC Fleet boat virtually since its introduction in the early seventies, the C&C 27 hews closely to the dual-purpose cruiser/racer ideal targeted by leading designers and builders of the period. C&C 27’s have their own start and race level (no handicaps, no time allowances) in midweek club races and in some weekend events. It is a point of pride in the fleet that the competition is so even that fully half of the fleet is capable of winning on any given night.

On the cruising side, C&C 27’s are represented in the Club’s Cruising Sailors Squadron and regularly join in Club cruises, as well as setting off on their own explorations.


About the Dragons

The Dragon Class is actively represented in over 26 countries in 5 Continents with over 1400 boats registered.  The number of boats built averages 45 per year. There are many more which are used for day sailing or cruising. The World Championships are held in every odd year and the European Championships are held annually. The Gold Cup, which can only be held in certain specified European countries, is unique in that all six races count without discard. It is held annually and often attracts over 100 entries, usually starting in one fleet.


A more detailed history of the International Dragon Class can be found on the IDA Website. Details of trophy winners (Olympics, Worlds etc.) can be found on Wikipedia.

The Dragon was designed by Johan Anker in 1929. The original design had two berths and was ideally suited for cruising in his home waters of Norway. 

In 1948 the Dragon became an Olympic Class, a status it retained until the Munich/Kiel Olympics in 1972. It remains the only Olympic yacht ever to have a genuinely popular following outside the Games. Since the Olympics the Dragons have gone from strength to strength. The major reason for this has been the ongoing controlled development of the boat.  The Dragon's long keel and elegant metre-boat lines remain unchanged, but today Dragons are constructed using the latest technology to make the boat durable and easy to maintain. GRP (introduced in 1973) is the most popular material, but both new and old wooden boats regularly win major competitions while looking as beautiful as any craft afloat. 


International 14s

The International 14 has a long and esteemed history at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club where it has been actively raced by members since the turn of the century. This high performance, racing dinghy has evolved from its humble beginnings and is now known for being at forefront of boat design and technology. One of the very first true international racing dinghy classes recognized by International Sailing Federation, the fleet attracts top racers who are looking for the thrill great sailboat racing in a high performance dinghy!

RCYC proudly hosted the I14 Worlds in September 2013

The Royal Canadian Yacht Club hosted over 70 boats from 7 countries around the globe at the 2013 I14 Worlds. Check out the action on the I14 Worlds YouTube Channel.

For more information, join the Facebook page here or contact Fleet Captain Ashley Warburton ([email protected]).


The Story behind the Success of the J105 Fleet

There are many great fleets of racing boats at the RCYC and the J105 fleet is one of them.

The J105 was introduced in 1991 by J Boats as the ultimate one design club racer that would be easy to sail, inexpensive to maintain and most importantly require less crew than traditional big keelboats racing at the time.

There are now over 680 boats worldwide with 20 boats on Lake Ontario, 16 of which are at the RCYC. The first boat at the club was Ian Farquhanson's Sonic Boom, followed by Jim Rathbun's Hey Jude and Robert Baker's Planet B. As a testament to the boat's design all of these boats are still at the club and actively racing.

The J105 only requires a crew of 5 or 6, mainly because of the small jib on a roller furler and the asymmetrical spinnaker on a retractable bow sprit. The boat has an 11 foot beam which keeps it amazingly flat even in winds above 20 knots. The class association has developed a set of one design racing rules to ensure an equal playing field with a focus on a Corinthian approach to competition. Crew and boat weight along with the number of new sails per year are all strictly enforced.

The fleet participates in 10 regattas over the season with every other weekend free and most long weekends free. There are typical 12 to 16 boats at every Regatta and competition is tight, yet there is little protesting. Tuesday night racing at the Club sees 10 to 12 boats on a regular basis throughout the summer.

The fleet has been and will continue to be used several times throughout the summer for corporate events where people who have never sailed get introduced to the sport. The large cockpit and ease of working the sails makes for a great first impression to sailing and sailboat racing. This year the boats are going to be used for the first time in the Adult Learn to Race program for those who are looking for the big keelboat experience.

There have been many new additions to the fleet over the years and many boats have changed ownership, but one thing has remained constant, the skippers and crews of the J105 Fleet are the most friendly group of sailors you could ever meet.

For more information on J105s please check out the following website: fleet4.j105.org.

Image of Hey Jude

Photo: Jim Rathburn and his crew earn the 2013 J105 North American Championship.

VX One

VX One Class Association: vxone.org

RCYC VX One Fleet on Facebook

RCYC Offshore Sailing

The RCYC Offshore Sailing fleet focuses on distance rallies with long and easy start lines and plenty of room for everyone.  This program is ideal for cruisers, big boat owners, and racers of all skill levels.  The focus is on fun, participation, safety, and adventure vs. extreme competitiveness.  The program will also promote competing boats that include families, children and non-sailors on board.   ROS logo
Pick a division that suits your sailing interests, including:
  • Double-Handed Division – actively crewed by two people at any one time. Allows additional non-active-crew to accommodate family, friends and non-sailors
  • Cruising Division – aka white-sail division, no flying sails or spinnakers
  • Flying Sail Division – flying sails or spinnakers allowed
  • Fully Crewed Division - more than two people that actively sail the boat at any one time


RCYC Shark Fleet Racing 2019

Thursday 2nd – Practice Race
Thursday 9th – 1st Race Spring Series
Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th - Trillium Regatta

Saturday 15th – RCYC Open Regatta (One Day)
Thursday 20th – Summer Series 1st Race

Saturday 6th – RCYC Summer Regatta (One Day)

Thursday 1st – Autumn Series 1st Race
Saturday 31st – Royal Weekend (One Day)

Thursday 12th – 1st Race Winter Series
Thursday 19th – Last Thursday Race
Saturday 14th – Shark Fall Regatta (Winner represents Spinnaker Fleet at Champions of Champions)

Saturday Race Series: 12th, 19th, 26th (In the Harbour)

Additional Canadian Shark Class Association Events:
Gold Cup: September 7th & 8th (Whitby Yacht Club)
Shark Worlds: October 1st to 6th (Robeler Segler-Verein, Robel Germany)


RCYC Shark Fleet Social Events 2019

Thursday 21st – Shark Fleet Annual Meeting

Thursday 21st – Shark Fleet Pub Night (Crown & Beaver)

Thursday 18th – Shark Fleet Pub Night (Crown & Beaver)

Saturday 11th – Fleet Captains Race (Around the Island Pursuit Format)

Friday 7th – First TGIF & BBQ
Thursday 20th – After Racing BBQ & Social

Friday 5th – Shark Night TGIF & BBQ
Thursday 18th – After Racing BBQ & Social

Friday 2nd – Shark Night TGIF & BBQ
Thursday 15th – After Racing BBQ & Social
Friday 30th – TGIF & BBQ (Final TGIF of the Season)

Saturday 5th – Last Mast Blast, Commodores Cruise, Buffet Dinner & Prize Giving


For further information, contact the Fleet Co-Captains: Christina Campbell or Barry McSherry at [email protected]

Look for the Shark logo in the weekly Hiawatha e-mail for event updates. Canadian Shark Class Association: www.shark24.ca

Club Fleet

No boat? No Problem? The Island offers plenty of opportunities to sail without owning a boat. Thanks to generous donations and continued support from our Membership, the Club owns a variety of boats that are available for sailing from spring to fall. Join a program, rent a boat for an afternoon, or become part of the community to get a hands-on experience of sailing in Toronto Harbour and Lake Ontario any day of the week.

For more information click here

Cruising Sailors

For more information on Cruising Sailors click here.


Get Ready for Liftoff!
With SailGP and the America’s Cup raising the global profile of foiling sailboats to a level never seen before, there’s excitement in the air (yes… literally).  

With a growing fleet of 7 WASZPs at RCYC already, your WASZP Fleet is recognized as the fastest boats on Toronto Harbour!
With over 1,000 boats worldwide, there’s a growing appreciation for this one-design, single-handed foiling class.  Routinely going 20+ knots in breeze in the mid-to-upper-teens, it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced in sailing.  
Please contact [email protected] with any questions, follow @rcycwaszp on Instagram and give us a cheer as we’re ripping around the harbour!