The Island offers plenty of opportunities to sail without owning a boat. Thanks to generous donations and continued support from our Membership, the Club owns a variety of boats that are available for sailing from Spring to Fall. Join a program, rent a boat for an afternoon, or become part of the community to get a hands-on experience of sailing in Toronto Harbour and Lake Ontario any day of the week.

Ideal 18


  • Dinghy with a keel: simplicity of a dinghy with the stability of a keelboat (no capsizing!)
  • Great for any skill level, from beginner to racer
  • Available to all RCYC Members
  • Sail with 2 or 3 adults
  • Fleet of 12 Club-owned Boats

Boat Charter 

  • Open to all RCYC Members. Must have some sailing experience. Cost: $50 for the day.
  • Private Lesson – Up to 2 adults accompanied by an instructor. This time can be used to gain experience for chartering an Ideal 18 on your own, or to work on a specific goal.
    Cost: $150 for 2 hours, $50 for every additional hour.


  • Active community of friendly Members
  • Experienced racers mentor new sailors to the fleet
  • Fleet racing on Thursday nights
  • Saturday regatta each month
  • Learn to sail with programs like Women’s Social Sailing on Monday

Join the Fleet

Joining the Ideal 18 Fleet gives Members complete access to the club-owned boats throughout the sailing season. This program is for both racers and cruisers looking for an opportunity to get out on the water without owning a boat.

Individual and family fleet memberships are available, which includes racing on Thursday nights and a monthly Saturday regatta. Sailors receive discounts to a variety of adult sailing programs after joining the Club Fleet, providing an introduction to sailing or racing at RCYC as well as training with a coach. Members of the Ideal 18 fleet can book a boat for any race or simply head out for an adventure in the harbour with friends & family.

Updates for 2019 coming soon! Registration opens April 1st.

Registration includes access to boats from May to September, no additional regatta fees, priority booking and a 25% discount to applicable Adult Sailing Programs.


2018 Calendar

Spring Work Party
Saturday, April 28
Saturday, May 5

Midweek Racing
Start: Thursday, May 10
End: Thursday, September 20

Start: Friday, June 1
End: Friday, August 31

Saturday, June 16th
Saturday, July 21st
Saturday, August 25th - John C. McConnell Trophy
Saturday, September 15th - Ideal 18 Club Championships - Kilby Macpherson Trophy
Sunday, September 16th - Women's Club Championships - McConkey Cup



  • Designed for comfortable club racing 
  • Good stability allows for all ages
  • Sail with 3 to 4 people
  • Fleet of 6 Club Boats

Race Programs

  • Go head-to-head against another boat with Match Racing
  • Train as a team to race in 3v3 format with Team Racing
  • Compete every Thursday night with midweek fleet racing
  • Represent RCYC at local and international regattas


  • Junior Club’s massive fleet of dinghies for youth programs include RS Vision, Club 420, multi-hulls and more
  • Available for private lessons upon request
More information on Youth Programs available here.

Crew Bank

  • Our online Crew Bank connects sailors with boats at the Club
  • Boat owners need crew for midweek racing, cruises, and regattas
  • Join a boat for a single occasion or the full season

Online Crew Bank available here.

Club Fleet Newsletter