Posted: 3/1/2010 3:03:28 PM
Last month I started discussing this years changes to the rules. There is one final change to discuss this month. The situation described here is one that I can pretty well promise you will never run into. It no longer makes any sense to try it since they have plugged the loophole.Even last year when the loophole existed you would probably only run into it while team racing.  At first when the scenario was suggested people said that it couldn’t be done.  There are however some videos on the web demonstrating that it can be done. US Intercollegiate racing “fixed it” last year because they felt that it was possible. As usual I am only going to explain how the new rule works.If you want further explanation of how the original wording applied to this situation, you will have to either work it out for yourself or attend a seminar and ask me there. I believe that there is a seminar set for the club on March 24th.
by Andrew Alberti
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