Posted: 10/1/2010 2:36:18 PM
Before I start this month’s article I want to bring back a phrase from my last article. “The best sailors and the best sportsmen and sportswomen are those who help their competitors to learn not those who intimidate their competition.”   I can’t think of a better example of this than our recent Vice Commodore Fleet Fred Eaton. You hopefully are reading elsewhere in this issue about his recent win of the International C Class Catamaran Championship (often known as the Little America’s Cup) held in August in Newport. Fred and Magus Clarke and their entire support team put on an impressive display of sailing at the event, but just as impressive is the effort that Fred put into building the event and the class. He recognized that winning without competition is no fun so he arranged for one of his boats to be sailed by a frequent catamaran (Tornado, A Class and F18) world champion Glenn Ashby and America’s Cup skipper James Spithill and another to be sailed by Antoine Koch and the world speed record holder Jérémie Lagarrigue. 
by Andrew Alberti
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