ADF UPDATE: Carling Davies

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ADF UPDATE: Carling Davies

My name is Carling Davies and I have recently participated in the Optimist North Americans Championships held in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

This event brought 150 competitors from 14 different countries to compete against each other. It was a great experience to race against some of the best sailors in the world. This regatta helped me recognize my potential and what I can really do in a large fleet of very good sailors.

It was very difficult to get a good spot on the start because there were so many boats but it helped me realize that the people at the top of the fleet are the ones who have the best starts. At this regatta, I finished top Canadian, 46th out of 150 boats. My best finishes were a 5 and a 12 which I was really happy with.

The RCYC ADF fund has helped support my sailing as I travel all over the world to compete. More recently, I have traveled to Kingston for CORK, and now I am training in Squamish BC to compete at the Canadians Nationals. I am leaving on August 23 to compete in Cyprus for the Optimist Worlds Championships which has been my goal since I started racing. This event will be my last in the Optimist, where I will then be moving on to my next boat!

I would like to thank my coaches, Oz and Jared for coaching the whole summer, and almost my whole life of competitive sailing so far. RCYC has also supported me my whole sailing career and I couldn’t have made it this far without your support.
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