ADF UPDATE: Will Bonin

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ADF UPDATE: Will Bonin

As the Texans taught us, Howdy! Alec Baird and I just returned from the 2018 Youth Sailing World Championships in Corpus Christi, Texas. This year’s regatta came through with consistent 18knots, big waves and the strongest fleet we’ve ever sailed in. Despite our best efforts, we did not meet our expectations, finishing 20th/25 boats. We lacked enough experience together to have consistent boat speed that all our competitors had in the big waves. Nevertheless, we gave it our 100%. We hiked hard, sailed smart, sailed consistently and left it all out on the water. It’s been a true honour and blessing to have been part of such an amazing team at a great regatta.

Following this once in a lifetime regatta, my partner Sam Bonin and I have officially moved into the 49er. That means we are back at square one! We are working hard at learning the basics, mechanics and maneuvers that this powerful boat offers. So far, the boat has thrown all it has at us, both physically and financially. We are hitting the gym to better our strength while also taking time in the classroom to develop our strategic playbook.

Thanks to the RCYC Athlete Development Fund, I've been able to transition into the 49er with ease. I am being provided with top-tier coaching that is teaching me the necessary basics to sail a 49er.

Thank you and the RCYC ADF for your continuous support in the 29er and in my journey towards the 49er.
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