ADF Update: Tom Ramshaw

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ADF Update: Tom Ramshaw

Hi RCYC! Since finishing 5th at the World Championships and qualifying Canada’s Olympic spot, I’ve done a lot of re-evaluating of my campaign for how I can jump to the podium. I have decided to work with a new coach to help maximize my chances at Gold moving forward. For this job, I have chosen Dan Slater from New Zealand, he is a 3-time Olympian in the 49er and Finn class, and has a huge amount of experience in many other classes including racing on Hollandia during the 2016 8-meter Worlds at RCYC.

Since teaming up with Dan a few months ago, we have addressed a few parts of my campaign that need immediate improvement. First, is that my speed is only average compared with the top guys, getting the correct mast and sail combination for my body size and sailing style will make a huge difference, as well as getting a new boat customized to the specs I need. Together we have worked extensively on what those customizations will be and I currently have a boat and mast in production that I will be testing further in March at the lead up to the European season. The next improvement is having a better sailing routine and plan going into each race. I’ve always been a tactical and reactive sailor just playing my best card on what has been dealt, but that strategy will only get me so far. I need to work on bigger picture strategy including getting a better understanding on what the wind is doing in any given race so I can put myself in the best possible position to win. I will address this through routine and lots of racing, including boat other than just Finn. I will spend June and July training at the RCYC, so I hope to get as much sailing in other boats as possible as well to further practise this big picture strategy.

I’ve just returned to Toronto from Miami where I competed in my first regatta since the worlds in August. I got off to a rough start in light tricky conditions. I put together a bunch of average scores since I was sailing conservatively in the middle but was unable to make that work since I didn’t have the speed and the wind kept filling in on either side. On day four I changed my strategy and picked my side in each race and tactically played it fairly well. With a few consistent top finishes, I moved up to 7th going into the final medal race. On medal race day the points were close, so I knew I had a shot at a medal if I won the race. Unfortunately, I went back to old habits and started in the middle, rounded the first mark in 8th. I was able to claw my way back to second with great downwind speed but second wasn’t quite enough for a medal, so I finished 4th overall. I’m happy with 4th considering the errors I made earlier in the regatta because I know I can sail way better.

Next, I’m going to New Zealand for 2 weeks of training before returning to Toronto in time for the Sail Canada Awards, where for the second year in a row I have won Male Athlete of the Year. This year I have also been nominated for Canadian Rolex Sailor of the Year. It a great honor to be considered for that award and I very much look forward to seeing everyone there.

Shortly after I will head to Palma, Spain to begin testing and training on my new gear in the build up to the European season
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