ADF UPDATE: Carling Davies

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ADF UPDATE: Carling Davies

Hello RCYC! My name is Carling Davies and I have recently participated in the Laser 4.7 Orange Bowl Regatta held in Miami, Florida.

This regatta was a great experience and it was one of my first regattas that I have done in the Laser 4.7. This regatta surprised me because I could see myself improving throughout the regatta even though I haven’t sailed the boat for a very long time. The first day of the regatta was very scary for me as I am a smaller person and there was a lot of wind. I capsized many times but was able to finish all the races and came 11th every race on the first day.

Also, many people dropped down from the radial into the 4.7 fleet so it was harder to keep the boat running as fast as them in the large breeze. The last three days were not as windy. My best finish in the regatta was 3rd which I was very happy with. Overall, in the regatta I came 9th place out of 17 boats.

The RCYC ADF fund has helped support my sailing as I travel all over the world to compete. RCYC has also supported me my whole sailing career and I couldn’t have made it this far without their support.
Posted: 1/31/2019 3:10:46 PM by Carling Davies

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