ADF Update: Noah Collinson

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ADF Update: Noah Collinson

The last couple months of my training has been very difficult as it is very tough to recover from the knee injury I had in January and log hours on the water at the same time. I recently returned for the Europeans where I did not perform to my best ability but it was still a great learning experience. At the moment I am trying to move forward and get as many hours on the water in Kingston as I can before Kiel week starts June 22nd. At the Europeans we quickly learned that we are not fast enough upwind in the bigger ocean swells which is very hard to practice in Ontario. In our camp before we leave for Germany we are planning to train off of Wolfe Island to get far out into the lake so we can sail in bigger swells. Kiel can get quite windy and wavy as the racing area is pretty far out, hopefully Kingston delivers some breeze for the next couple days so we can get some good practice in those conditions. I would finally like to give a quick thank you to all the contributions to the ADF from members. It is helping get to Germany and pay for my charter boat and it really means a lot.

Posted: 6/13/2019 8:57:08 AM by Noah Collinson | with 0 comments

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