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Part of any Regatta, for those not actually racing, is to be on a spectator boat, catching all the action as it unfolds. Spectating could mean you go out on your own boat and invite others to join you, or sign up to be on a boat that has volunteered to take spectators out with them. Being a great host, or spectator is essential to everyone having a memorable time, no matter the race outcome. 


In the Canada’s Cup Regatta, the spectator boats were out in full force, and many of the team commented how much they loved every moment of having all the boats on the side lines–although some got too close to the course. Each day there were between 30 and 50 boats, and they came from far and wide. There were boats that sailed across the lake from Youngstown to cheer on their team.

Megan Long and Melissa McTavish organized for syndicate donors and contributors for both social and water experience, and to be on a variety of boats, and made sure each boat was stocked with essentials; lunch, drinks and enough water for all.



Organizing spectator boats took a lot of coordination and communication, and both Megan and Melissa executed the three days beautifully. 


To be a great spectator, Megan Long said: “There's a sweet spot to being a great guest and spectator, by not arriving empty handed, but don’t bring too much. Check with whomever is organizing as to what you need to bring, and taking a bottle for the boat owner is always appreciated.”


Melissa McTavish added: “On the spectator boat, we follow the superstitions of the team; for instance, when you have a good day, wear the same shirt again. Or don’t change hats if they’re winning. And above all else, only positive vibes.” 


Thank you to all the contributors to the Canada’s Cup and Team RCYC. If you want to see your name on this list and contribute to the next Canada’s Cup defence, reach out to Terry McLaughlin with your donation and generosity.


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